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LF24-3-S US Damper Actuator, On/Off, floating point, 24V, spring return (fail-safe), built-in auxiliary switch


For modulation or On/Off, fail-safe control of dampers in HVAC systems. Actuator sizing should be done in accordance with the damper manufacturer’s specifications. The actuator is mounted directly to a damper shaft from 3/8” up to 1/2” in diameter by means of its universal clamp, 1/2” shaft centered at delivery. For shafts up to 3/4” use K6-1 accessory. A crank arm and several mounting brackets are available for applications where the actuator cannot be direct coupled to the damper shaft. Control is floating point from a triac or relay, or On/Off from an auxiliary contact from a fan motor contactor, controller or manual switch.


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