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About Us:

Mercato BAS Supply LLC is a twelve-year-old company, based in Brazil, that specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of a broad range of products and solutions for air conditioning, building automation, power management, air purification and control sensors. Each of these enable our customers to create and maintain more comfortable, intelligent, productive, efficient and safer environments.

In 2019, Mercato started a local distribution operation in United States, serving the Nashville Metro area with nationwide distribution. In Brazil, Mercato has a broad portfolio of products including equipment from our major partners, Belimo and Dwyer. Our self-manufactured lines of products, now available in Brazil, will be coming to the United States in the near future.

Currently, Mercato is the largest distributor of Belimo and Dwyer brands in Brazil. We are dedicated to serving the American market with not only these HVAC and BAS products, but with our dedicated customer service. Our Tennessee branch focuses on technical support, speed delivery, and ease of business communication and contracts. Because of our state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, we are able to respond quickly with 24-hours availability.

Mercato employees in Tennessee and Brazil are excited to work with you and your company to provide dynamic products and committed customer service.

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